Terminal49 API Documentation

The Terminal49 API offers a convenient way to programatically track your shipments from origin to destination.

Here are just a few of the data points we return and possible use-cases.

DataExample Use Case
Destination ETASurface ETA changes to your relevant teams as they're reported
Last Free Day and terminal status¹Track containers approaching LFD and prioritize dispatching
Fees and holds at destination terminalClear your cargo to keep you containers moving
Actual departure and arrival timesReport journey times by route to compare your ocean carriers performance

1. At container ports in the US

How it works

All you need to provide are your BOL numbers and SCACs. Terminal 49 will lookup the shipment with the carrier and populate shipment details including containers.

Once the shipment is setup Terminal 49 periodically checks with the carrier and the destination terminal. If any of the details of your shipment or containers change (for example - if the ETA changes) we will post the shipment to the the webhook you provide so you are always kept up-to-date.

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